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Since 1987, USA Karate Leadership Schools (formerly Karate America) has been recognized as a clear leader in the positive personal development of thousands of men, woman and children.

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Our Mission: We will provide a sincere, high quality service to all of our clients while working as a team to promote positive personal growth and quality martial arts.

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Students of the Module

Maggie Strong & Conor Jacklin

Congratulations are in order for these two outstanding students!

In the martial arts, as in life, the keys to success are really quite simple. The first thing you want to do is to ’show up.’ it’s plain to see by looking at their attendance card that they attend on a regular basis. Next is to consistently focus on the instruction given.

On a regular basis both Maggie and Conor demonstrate a high degree of proficiency because they are always paying attention to detail. After these two key elements of the formula are mastered it is then important that the correct spirit is brought to class. Again, both of these young students show their spirit and desire to do their very best whenever you happen to be watching them.

Finally their attitude outside the karate world is consistent with their attitude in the studio. Not only do the show they are familiar with what it takes to succeed, but also to be leaders in the studio, and in the community as well!

-Master Beck

After School Program & No School Days

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